Sunday, 21 September 2014


First snow might fall during the coming week at least in the North Finland. Time to be wrapped inside woollen softness, smell the fire in fireplaces after long walks in fresh darkening evenings and drink warm apple juice with cinnamon. 

It is also time to have a little peek to Jacadi's new fall and winter collection. Some winter blooms are on their way, a hint of it as a small collar hugging a polar bear above.

But in a forest someone is calling "Hoo, hoo, hoo!"

It is a tiny owl, that has just woken up. The feathers of the owl are very soft.

While the owl is stretching, a few little feathers float in the air and fall on some colourful leaves of autumn. 

Who could make a little nest on these leaves and feathers… 

Soon we will see the second part of Jacadi's fall and winter collection with my illustrations. These Feather Collection items are available at Jacadi's site already.

Last year there were a deer, a squirrel, a little bird and a hedgehog in the Jacadi & Anna Emilia collection, you can see them here.

L'ours et le soleil -book is also still available (here and here).

Have a lovely Sunday raking leaves, enjoying the colours of changing landscapes!

(All the photos are by Jacadi Paris, the illustration by me. The first image is a screenshot from Jacadi Paris video.)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


September began with misty sunsets.

Time to fold summer away. In Meadow -painting as Tamah duvet cover is still available at La Redoute.

The colour green is still the majority. More yellow and red every day.

First fires in fireplaces, that comforting smoky scent. Wooden Fence as a Birch Tree duvet cover for Urban Outfitters, still available. And shams too.

Rowing around. That small moment of sunshine in the forest on the other shore.

The forests are filled with mushrooms. Almost seeing as they grow. Trees so tall. Crows flying and singing with their dark voices.

Have a beautiful misty Wednesday!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The end of August brings new winds. Layers of wool, hot cups in hands, some slight oranges, yellows and reds here and there in trees. Moments to light a candle in darkening evenings, to embrace the calmness of the nights. 

Dandelion Fields Collection, a stationary collection published by Chronicle Books, is to celebrate the autumn and colder air. To remember the dearest and to write a few warming thoughts down on flower fielded lines.

The Notebook Collection consists of three different Notebooks with hand drawn lines.

Foiled covers, sewn with a thread. The three Notebooks are tied together with a turquoise thread.

The Notecards come in a box with envelopes. Sixteen cards, four different kinds, blank inside. 

Ready to be sent with some warm whispers to someone far.

The Box of Labels, to decorate and label jars, parcels, books, notebooks, those boxes on your shelf that are filled with sewings, summer memories and all the baking ingredients and the things you were not sure about.

This sketchbook belongs to me.

Edit: Those of you who want to buy the items in Euros, please find them through Book Depository. All the items are also available through Amazon.

Dandelion Wishes Journal (pictured in the first photo up right) is also still available.

Hopefully you enjoy this small Dandelion Fields Collection with my illustrations!

Warming Wednesday whispers 

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Summer continues to bloom on my balcony.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Under tree shadows, on forest paths, on city streets with Canadian jugglers, swimming and reading.

Helmenkantaja by Marja-Leena Mikkola is a sweet but adventurous story about a girl and her journey under summery shiny waters. Cover illustration by me, design by Päivi Puustinen, published by Otava in Finnish. So grateful to illustrate this cover for my own childhood favourite author.

Tickling sun beams!



"Klassikko tekijän suloinen mutta jännittävä saturomaani ammentaa taitavasti vanhasta suomalaisesta tarinaperinteestä.

Eräänä aamuna Reetta näkee kesäpaikan rannassa suuren pyrstön välähdyksen vedessä. Hän saa viimein varmistuksen sille minkä on aavistanut aina: veden pinnan alla on kokonainen toinen todellisuus salaisuuksineen, aarteineen ja vaaroineen.

Veden väki on ahdingossa. Joku on vienyt Veden emännän kauniin pienokaisen. Reetan on aika täyttää oma osuutensa ikivanhasta ennustuksesta.
"  Otava

Oman lapsuudensuosikkini Marja-Leena Mikkolan Helmenkantaja-kirja kuvittamallani kannella on ilmestynyt! Design: Päivi Puustinen, julkaisija: Otava.

Leppoisia hellepäiviä!

Monday, 4 August 2014


Summer continues with reflections and swimming, pink sunsets, by-swimmers, reading books in shadowy parks. Wild strawberries. 

It has been very warm and sunny with a few thunder storms that were forgotten already the next day with new tickling sunshine.

Welcome August and more sunshine with tiny hints of changing season!

Monday, 14 July 2014


Summer cities filled with bicycles, roses, sunshine.

Hollyhocks, night birds.

Cities filled with colours.

Cities filled with canals, more bicycles and early sunsets.

Cities filled with boats and blue night skies.

To the summer cities traveling by train over bridges, under seas.

Oh so many boats!

From some dream destinations, called The Fairy.

Wind gentle, lights turning on.

Many friendly summer city beings.

Summer holiday travels will continue, happy july!